Here you will be able to find information to help you raise healthy, happy goats.

We offer information that comes from articles by Veterinarians and from many of the   different universities,  other items come from medical text books, such as; the Merck Veterinary Manual (book version and online version). Goat Medicine by Mary C. Smith and David Sherman is also used as reference. Sheep & Goat Medicine by David Pugh is another Medical Book used to create this page. We have also include information from  some very experienced breeders. We believe there is always more than one way to do things so we have tried to offer at least 2-3 different articles on an individual subject.

We are not vets and don’t always endorse everything that every breeder does.

AFGO does not except any responsibility for the choices you make in raising or treating your herd.

AFGO tries to ensure the information is correct ,but, we can’t guarantee it will work for you.

Many things on this page are animated. Check them out! We have videos too!

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Abortions By Alabama Cooperative Extension

Abortions and Storms by Dr. Bruce Olcott and Dr. Lionel Dawson


Acidosis By Extension

Acidosis By MSUCARES


Anemia By Dave Sparks DMV

Anemia By Hoeggers Goat Supply

Anemia By Illinosis Meat Goat

Anemia Treatment with Red Cell


Anorexia By Debbie Cassidy



Barber Pole Worms  Another great article with pictures By Shannon Lawrence

Barber Pole Worms By Alabama Cooperative Extension

Barber Pole Worms and More By Virginia Tech



Bloat By Carol Raczykowski
Bloat By Doc Fleming

Bloat Video Great video

Bottle Jaw Video

Bottle Jaw By Critters 360

Bottle Jaw By NCAT


Broken Horn By Illinois Meat Goat

Broken Horn ByNAPgA

Broken Horn By Critters 360





CAE By Merk Manuals


Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL)By the University of Arkansas

Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL) By the Washington State University


Coccidiosis by the Merck Manual

Coccidiosis by The Alabama Cooperative Extension


Cleft Palate By Debbie Cassidy 

Cleft Palate By USDA/ARS/Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory 


Chlamydia By DVM 306

Chlamydia & Abortions in Goats



Common Diseases by Purdue Univeristy

Common Diseases (A Video)


Common Nutritional and Metabolic diseases of Goats by Robert Van Saun, DVM.MS,PhD




Contagious Etchyma (Orf or Soremouth)

Contagious Etchyma Sore Mouth (Orf) By the CDC

Contagious Etchyma (Soremouth)
Coping With High Feed Cost By Susan Schoenian



Copper Deficiency By NSW Department of Primary Industries

Copper Deficiency By Dairy Goat Journal

CopperDeficiency By Hoeggers Goat Supply

Copper Toxcity By Dave Van Metre, DVM, DACVIM


 Diarrhea (Scours) By Extension

Diarrhea (Scours) By Susan Schoenian

Diarrhea (Scours) By Maxine Kinne


 Displaced Abomasum By Carol Raczykowski

Draxxin Treatment For CL by Dr. Bob Judd, DVM

E Coli  By Debbie Cassidy


Enterotoxemia By the Alabama Cooperative Extension

Enterotoxemia By Colorado State University

Enterotoxemia By MSUCARES




 Entropion By Eden Hills with pictures of eye clips

 Entropion By Infovet

Entropion (inverted eye lids) Video
Fever By Maxine Kinne


Floppy Kid Syndrome By Cornell University

Floppy Kid Syndrome By Andres de la Concha and Ramtin Juste Texas A&M University Agricultural Experiment Station, San Angelo


Grass Tetany By Extension

Grass Tetany By The Dairy Goat Journal


Hair Loss  By Carol Raczykowski(they are talking about a  pygmy goat; but still a good read)  

Hair Loss & Skin Problems By Infovet



hot weather

Heat Stress Audio-Click below

Heat Stress By Maxine Kinne



Hoof Rot/Foot Rot Video

Hoof Rot (scald) By Alabama Cooperate Extension

Hoof Rot/Scald By OSU



Iodine Deficiency By John Wenz, DVM, MS, FDIU


Johne’s Disease By ADGA

Johne’s Disease By the Johne’s Information Center 


Keeping Feed Cost Down By Cornell


Ketosis By Alabama Cooperative Extension

Ketosis By FarmNote
Laminitis By Merck Manual


 Listeriosis By Merck Manuals

Listeriosis By Alabama Cooperative Extension

Listeriosis By Dr. Pol (Video)

Listeriosis (Fast Facts)
Lung Worm Treatment By Canadian Veterinary Journal

Mastitis By Langston University

Mastitis By Alabama Cooperative Extension






Meningeal Deerworms By Susan Schoenian

Meningeal Deerworms By Cornell Ed



Milk Fever  By Susan Schoenian

Milk Fever By Purina Mills



Milk Goiter By Goat Biology



Navel Ill By Debbie Cassidy


Over Bites & Under Bites


Parasites  Internal (interactive & animated) Understand the life cycle of parasites can help with controlling infection in goats. 

Parasites External (lice)

Parasites External (mites)


Pasteurellosis By  Alabama Cooperative Extension


Pink Eye By Alabama Cooperative Extension


Pink EyeBy Susan Schoenian


Pizzle Rot By Maxine Kinne


Pneumonia By Alabama Cooperative Extension

Pneumonia By Dorothy Ford

Pneumonia By Illionois Meat Goat



Polydactyl A story of a kid By Goat Biology


Posty Legs and other foot problems Dairy Goat Journal


Polio by Alabama Cooperative Extension

Polio by Jack Mauldin


Precocious Udder By Debbie Cassidy


Poisonous Plants By Fainting Goat Health Care


Q Fever By DMV 360


 Rabies By Extension

Rabies By Colostate


Rain Scald By Eden Hills


Rectal Prolaspe By Susan Schoenian


Red Urine By Sr. Steven M.  Parish

Preparing For An Emergency   Audio-click link below


Retained Placenta By Debbie Cassidy


Ringworm By Aarodora

Ringworm By DVM 360 


Selenium By Goat Biology

Selenium By Illinosis Meat Goat

Seleniuim Deficiency By Mary Humphrey

Skin Problems by Infovet



Shipping Fever By Debbie Cassidy

Shipping Fever By Infovets


Snake Bites By Backyard Herds

Snake Bites By Farmers Weekly


Tetanus By Extension

Thiamine Deficiency By Mary Humphrey

Toxoplasmois By Extension

Toxoplasmois By DMV



Urinary Blockage By Beth Pelletier DVM

Urinary Calculi By Debbie Cassidy

Urinary Calculi according to Merks Manual

Urinary Calculi Video


Vaginal Prolaspe By Merck Manuals

Visual Guide to Caprine Reproduction By the Drost Project

Goat Quiz from the Discovery Channel. Learn about the Mountain goats with this interactive quiz that all ages will enjoy!

Goat Quiz from Langston University (interactive) Test your knowledge

Goat Quiz on Anatomy

Goat Quiz interactive By Bristoal County 4-H

Quiz on domestic goats (interactive)

Goat Quiz


Quizes for Fun ( University of Maryland Samll Rumininat page)  INTERACTIVE

Birds and the Bees

Goat Breeds

General Goat Quiz

Goat Injections (with pictures)

Health and Dieseases                                                                      

Hoof Health


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