Virtual Show Information

1. All goats entered into the show must be registered with AFGO.


 2. All goats must be entered into their current age group.(DOB must be sent in with the goat photos).


3. Pictures must be current. Within 6 Months.


4. All photos must be original and not copyrighted.


5. When you send pictures to AFGO it gives permission for AFGO to use the photos on their website.


6. Pictures should include a view from the front, rear, and one side. (remember that these are the pictures that the judge will use to judge your goat. Please take the best ones you can).


7. Goat can be in a natural setting or set up by exhibitor.


8.Pictures need to focus on the goat and try to avoid a lot of background distractions.


9.No ribbons or trophies earned from another show can be shown in the pictures.


10. All goats must be measured and placed in the correct height group. (We go by the honesty of the owners)


11. Enteries Must include the goat’s full name, owners name, DOB, height and 3 jpeg photos of the goat.


12. Each entry must be sent in seperately when using AFGO email. See address in #14.



13. Please enter the class number that the goat is to be shown in.


14. Email pictures


(remember only 1 entry per email please).


15. Cost is $5.00 per entry and can be mailed to: 780 Cassidy Dr. Hemphill Tx. 75948. Fees go towards the cost of a judge, awards, and postage to mail awards.


16. Make checks payable to AFGO.


17. Goats may not be entered in more than one class. Example a doe can not be entered into her regular class AND the Hippie class !


If you have any questions feel free to email us!


This is designed to be a fun show!

 Lets stay honest too!