The American Fainting Goat Organization Poem

Historically Correct

Written by Debbie Cassidy

Historically correct

Is what you should expect

From the Fainting Goat Breed.

So AFGO will take the lead.

Why settle for less

than the very Best.

The  Fainting Goat Breed

is unique indeed.

Lets keep it original.

You can tell by a visual.

Maintaining the history

will be our  big victory.


The American Fainting Goat Organization Poem

Written byDebbie Cassidy

Fainting goats always want to faint.

They just can’t wait.

It’s their nature.

So what’s in their future?

Plenty of fun,

Without any pun.

Owners that will love them

And call them a gem.

Breeders preserving the breed

By doing their deed.

The American Fainting Goat Origination pleads,

Make sure they match the breed standard if we are to SUCCEED!!


 The Fainting Goat

Written By Debbie Cassidy

A small little breed

all agreed

Their heads are unique

and here we must critique

With cute short ears that go to a point

following the breed standard so they don’t disappoint

In this breed; No puppy ears can be found

For that you must go to the pound

Their ears have a tubular shape

They will not drape

They have eyes that appear buggy

Reminds me of a little guppy

The funniest things is that when they fall down

They get excited or scared; and then hit the ground

Some- times all four feet will fly up into the air

But they never get  impaired

The faint does not harm

No need to be alarmed

The breed is oh so proud to be good mothers

and eaiser keepers than many others

They are known to be parasitic resistant

but almost became non-exsistent















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