Show Definitions & Rules


Show Definitions;

A Sanctioned show is a show in which at least two different farms are exhibiting.  Points will be awarded using the AFGO point system. The judge must be an AFGO certified judge.

A Judge is a person that has been certified and approved  to judge by the AFGO show committee.

Divisions/Classes will be grouped accoring to both age and sex and height. (Age will be determined by the DOB on the registration papers).

An Owner is the person that is represented on the goat’s pedigree as the owner. They may allow an exhibitor to show the goat for them.

An Exhbitor is the person handleing the goat in the class.

Show Secretary is the person that is over seeing the show’s paperwork. They will apply for the show application.  They will fill out the show report and turn it in within 30 days after the show.

Show Host is the person or parties hosting the show.

Simultaneous shows may be held. This is where two shows are held at one time in the same place. Each show will have their own judge. Judges will each be allowed to give their reasonings.

 A  Hipppie class is where the long haired Fainting goats will be shown. They must have some skirting, a mane or long hair to be considered a Hippie goat. They must have a Hippie certificate. They are not required to have an extreme coat but the coat does count 30%.

Freshened Doe is a doe that has given birth either to a live or stillborn kid.

Miniature goats are smaller versions of the standard goats. Bucks will be 23″ and under. Does will be 22″ and under. Wethers will be the same as bucks.

Show Rules:

1. All goats must be registered with AFGO.

2. All shows will go by the AFGO rules.

3. Please make sure that all goats are secure in their pens and they should be wearing a collar or halter while outside their pen.

4. We don’t encourage other pets to be brought to the show but if you do they must be on a leash or in a crate.

5. NO alcoholic beverages allowed in the show barn at any given time.

6. Please be careful of all cigarettes around the barn area.

7.  No obseen language is to be used.

8. The judges decison is always final.

9. Goats for sale must be placed in a pen and pen fees paid.

10. All goats from outside of Texas must have a health certificate.

11. All goats must have a  microchip, tattoo, or scrappie tag. This ID must matche their registration papers.

12. All goats that are entered into a class according to their height may be measured by the judge during the show if he/she suspects a discretion .

13. All goats must have thier original registration papers with them.

14. If for any reason you have a grievance; than you should contact the show host. If unable to resolve the issue it will be carried to the show committee be the host. The show committee will make the final determination.

15. All Grand Champion winners will be required to have the judge check their ID (tag, tattoo, or chip) registration papers, and get a correct height. If the goat doesn’t have a readable ID or a copy of their papers, the points will then be awarded to the Reserve champion. The goat must also be the correct height required for the class  that it was shown in or it will be disqualified and the points will go to the Reserve champion. Please make sure you measure your goat before you enter them into the wrong class. (A measuring stick will be available at the show if you need one).

 16. Miniatures must have either a temporary or permanent miniature certificate to be eligible to compete in the miniature classes.

17. Hippies must have a Hippie certificate to be eligible to compete in the Hippie classes.

18. All judges must be certified and approved by AFGO.

19 A copy of the show rules, the score card and the point system will be available at all classes.

20. A show report will be filled out at the end of each show. It will be signed by the judge.

21. No animal that the judge has sold within the past 60 days will be allowed to shown at the show.

22. No animal that the judge or immediate family of the judge owns or co-owns may be entered into the show.