How To Host An AFGO SHow

Hosting a show is hard but rewarding work. First thing you need to do is to locate where your show will be. Try to use a covered ring because of the rain and sun. Find out the cost to rent the location. Find out who is responsible for the grounds clean up. Decide if you will furnish shavings or if the members should bring their own. Make sure you will have enough pens to hold all the visiting goats. Size of the pens will very with each location. Be sure to let the members know the size so they can decide on how many pens they wish to rent. Sometimes they will want to rent an extra to put their supplies in.

Set a date and time.

Next thing will be to find a judge willing to judge on the date that you set. You must use an AFGO certified judge. We are currently adding new judges to the list as we find them. Decide if want to host a morning and afternoon show or just a morning show. Another option is to host simultaneous shows. Find out the Judges fees. Two shows will mean two Judges fees.

Ribbons, trophies and other awards will have to be purchased. You will need 1-5th places. You will also need Grand and Reserve prizes and BEST OF SHOW. There are lots of nice prizes and ribbons to choose from. The prices are in all different ranges. I suggest getting the awards from Hodgers badge Company. They have been working with AFGO since the beginning.

Door prizes are a fun thing to offer.

Try to collect some sponsors for your show to help pay for the judges fees, the location, and the awards. Sponsors can support a class or an entire show. Your friends may help you with this. AFGO members may also be willing to donate. Try the businesses in your town too. Feed stores are a good place to start.  Hold a raffle or sell tee shirts as a way to make some money. Start early. Don’t decide to host a show at the last minute. It takes months to organize a show. Find out if there will be food and drinks available or if the members should bring their own. Make sure there are restroom facilities. AFGO always uses the same class schedule and entry forms so you do not need to worry about that. It is possible to break even or make some money hosting a show. The more you put into, the more you will get out of it. The average cost of my shows run around $850-$1000

show grounds $50-$500

Judges fees $150-$400

Awards $350-$450 on average.

AFGO does not charge a sanctioning fee like the other registries. We are here to have fun and not just to make money.


AFGO will help in any way that we can financially, as a support, mentor, or wherever we are needed.