Unavailable Herd Names and Suffixs

Unavailable Herd Names and Suffixs

Herd names and suffiixs are maintained only as long as you are an active member. Unactive membership will not save your herd names and/or suffixs. It will be the responsibility of each member to avoid using a herd name that is currently be used by someone else in another registry.  We try to keep this updated as often as we can but there is no guarentee that your name of choice will be available. The following are herd names and suffixs in use and no longer available. Please choose one not on this list.

Herd Names

Playful Acres   PFA

7F Ranch   7FR

Smitty’s Herd SH

Ali Cat Ranch    ACR

Aislinn Meadows   AMR

Friday’s Fainters 3F

Texas Free Falling Farm TFF

Little O Farm   LOF

Ribbit Retreat

A Peculiar Farm   APF

Blue Darlene Ranch   BDR

Wallaces Crazy Acres WCA


Herd name Rules:A herd name that is totally inclusive of, or sounds the same as another registered herd name will not be allowed. Punctuation marks alone will not be considered as an adequate change in this regard. A single-word herd name will not be allowed if it is a commonly used word in everyday English language unless it is the applicant’s name. AFGO will make every effort to avoid duplications in both herd name and suffix letters whenever possible. Herd names & initials are only reserved as long as the member is current with dues and is in good standing.