AFGO Goals/Vision


First and foremost we want to keep the breed pure & historically correct. They are a Heritage breed. We want to keep the breed as close to the original look as possible.

Secondly is education. We believe strongly that by educating breeders on the breed itself and on the management and helath of the breed that we will help to preserve the breed .

Last but not least we want to make it fun for the entire family.


The Fainting Goats are well known for their docile personalities. Because of this trait they are a great goat for all ages. Children, as well as senior citizens, can own and enjoy these wonderful animals. Anyone can handle this breed with ease. They are a small breed. They can be used for pets, breeding, showing, milking, and novelty. Each breeder has the choice and must choose the direction that they want their herd to take. This is what has influenced our vision.

You may notice that we never refer to our fainting goats as a mytonic goat. The Fainting Goat is so much more than just having the myotonia gene. The Fainting Goat must also have the breed characteristics that make this breed unquie. Cross-bred goats are capable of fainting.

Our vision is that all goats registered with AFGO will have a  very distinct look when compared to other “so called fainting goats.” The look that we are trying to achieve is best described in our breed standard.

AFGO will strive to keep the breed “a breed for all ages”. AFGO will try to ensure that the breed remains the purest quality.  We hope to see families raising, breeding and showing these magnificent goats. AFGO will try to ensure a fair and friendly show that gives everyone a chance to become a champion. AFGO promises to preserve and enhance the breed to the best of its ability while keeping it a fun organization to be a member of. AFGO will respect the opinions of others and maintain a positive outlook for the breed. AFGO will represent itself as a professional organization at all times. AFGO is owned and managed by a family and understands family values.


Phillippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.