Nov 13, 2012

Show Report for Nov 13, 2012 judged by Suzanne McIntire



B=Best of Show

H=Hippie pts

TH=Total Hippie pts

Pts= pts earned in show

Total pts are the points earned from ALL shows towards the championship!


Small-Standard Jr. Does 0-6 months

1st/RNA Hazel=0.5 pts (total 0.5)

Small-Standard Jr. Does 6-12 months

1st/PFA Connie=4 pts (total 10 pts)

2nd/PFA Bonnie=3 pts (total 8 pts)

3rd/WRR Fancy=2 pts (total 18 pts)

4th/ Gowans JoJo=1 pt (total 1 pt)

Small-Standard Jr. Does 1-2 years

1st/ G/7F Ranch Snowball=9 pts (total 14 pts)

2nd/R/Brassring Diva=4 pts (total 19 pts total)

3rd/LSA Star=2 pts (total 5 pts)

4th/RNA Sunshine=1 pt (total 7 pts)

Small-Standard Sr. Does 2-3 years and under 24”

1st/G/BOS/PFA Cupcake=14 pts (total 14 pts)

2nd/BRG Fancy=4 pts (total 13 pts)

3rd/ WRR Evie=2 pts (total 6 pts)

4th/RNA Sunshine=1 pt (total 7 pts)

Small-Standard Sr. Does 2-3 years over 24”

No Entries

Small-Standard Sr. Does over 3 years under 24”

No Entries

Small-Standard Sr. Does over 3 years over 24”

No entries

Small-Standard Jr. Bucks 0-6 months

No Entries

Small-Standard Jr. Bucks 6-12 month

1st/PFA Aaron=3 pts (total 16 pts)

2nd/WRR Capone 2 pts (total 3 pts)

3rd/PFA Gabriel=1 pt (total3 pts)

Small-Standard Jr. Bucks 1-2 years

1st/Tye Dye Twix=8 pts (total 8 pts)

2nd/PFA Denim=3 pts (total 14 pts)

3rd/PFA Elijah=1 pt (total 2 pts)

Small-Standard Sr. Bucks 2-3 years under 25”

1st/7F Ranch Kota=2 pts (total 8 pts)

2nd/Bayshore’s rock N Elvis=1 pt (total 18 pts)

Small Standard Sr. Bucks 2-3 years over 25”

1st/G/BOS/Bakkens Farm Mighty Max=12 pts ( total 28 pts)

2nd/R/Bakkens Farm Elmo=1 pt (total 2.5 pt)

Hippie Jr. Does

1st/RNA Sunshine=2 H pts (TH 2 pts)

2nd/RNA Hazel=1 H pt (TH 1 pt)

Hippie Sr. Does

1st/G/Titan Farms Black Betty=9 H pts (TH 9 pts)

2nd/R/RNA Almond Joy=4 H pts (TH 4 pts)

3rd/Bells Tara=2 H pts (TH 2 pts)

4th/BRG Fancy=1 H pt (TH 1 pt)

Hippie Jr. Bucks

1st/R/PFA Denim=5 H pts (TH 5 pts)

2nd/PFA Elijah=3H pts (TH 3 pts)

3rd/PFA Aaron=2 H pts (TH 2 pts)

4ht/PFA Gabriel=1 H pts (TH 1 pt)

Hippie Sr. Bucks

1st/G/B/Bayshore’s Rock N Elvis 10.5 H pts (10.5 TH)

Mini Jr. Does 0-6 Months

No Entries

Mini Jr. Does 6-12 month

No Entries

Mini Jr. Does 1-2 years

1st//G/RLF Malibu=9 pts (total 9 pts)

2nd/ PFA Honey Bun=3 pts (total 3 pts)

3rd/RLF Rebekah=2 pts (total 6 pts)

4th/PFA Sabrina=1 pt (total 4  pts)

Mini Sr. Does 2-3 years

1st/PFA Twillight=2 pts (total 6 pts)

2nd/PFA Bella=1 pt (total 5 pts)

Mini Sr. Does over 3 years Class A

1st/Wells Muffin=4 pts (total  4 pts)

2nd/Bells Tara=3 pts (total 3 pts)

3rd/Wells Mary Poppins=2 pts (total 6 pts)

4th/WRR Reba=1 pt (total 1 pt)

Class B

1st/G//B/BRG Wendy=15 pts (total 15 pts)

2nd/R/Titan Farms Black Betty=5 pts ( total 10 pts)

3rd/ LSA Sky Dancer=3 pts (total 8 pts)

4th/ RNA Almond Joy=2 pts (total  2 pts)

5th/HVF Tumbellina=1 pt (total 1 pt)

Mini Jr. Bucks 0-6 month

No Entries

Mini Jr. Bucks 6-12 month

1st/RLF Nicky=3 pts (total 4.5)

2nd/PFA Musketeer=1 pt (total 3.5)

Mini Jr. Bucks 1-2 years

1st/G PFA Snickerdoodle=5.5 pts (total  17.5 pts)

Mini Sr. Bucks 2-3 years

No Entries

Mini Sr. Bucks over 3 years

1st/G/B/7F Ranch Tx Tumbler=12 pts (total 21 pts)

2nd/R/BRG Dealer=2 pts (total 16 pts)