The Difference between a Silky Goat and a Hippie Goat

What is the difference between a Miniature Silky Fainting Goat and an American Fainting Hippie Goat?

1.The Miniature Silky Fainting Goats are registered with the MSFGA. The American Fainting Hippie Goats are registered with AFGO.

2.The Miniature Silky goats are not required to faint. The Hippie goat is required to faint.

3.MSFGA offers sanctioned shows and awards championships to the winners. They call their champinions “Masters”.AFGO offers sanctioned shows and awards championship to  the winners. AFGO calls their champinions “Superiors”.

4.MSFGA requires 3 legs or 3 grand champion wins under 2 different judges to become a champinion. AFGO requires 2 grand champinion wins under 2 different judges plus 40 points.

5. MSFGA awards championship titles to JR bucks and does. AFGO requires the that a goat earns at lest 10 points (1/4) to be won as a Sr buck or doe.

6. The MSFGA score card used at their sanctioned shows does not count off for the mammary system since they are not considered a dairy breed. Therefore an extra teat would be allowed. There is no place on the score card addressing a split scrotum. The Hippie goats at AFGO will be disqualified for an extra teat or a bad split scrotum. Both MSFGA and AFGO judge 60% on conformation and 30% on hair coat. 10% on the MSFGA score card is for handling. 10% on the AFGO score card is for goat attitude.

7. MSFGA  does not allow the use of virtual points to be included towards their champinionship points.  At this time I don’t think MSFGA host virtual shows. AFGO allows 10 points from a  virtual points to count towards the champinionship title.

So many people have ask me what the differences are between the two that I thought I should try to expalain it. AFGO  registers Fainting goats and they can have long or short hair. The long haired goats are considered Hippie goats. They must faint and match the breed standard. Not all MSFGA can be registered with AFGO even if they are currently registered with MSFGA.