Who Qualifies To Be An AFGO Judge?




There has never been, up until now, any judges specifically trained to judge shows for the fainting goat breed. AFGO decided to change this practice by certifying our own judges. AFGO will certify only trained judges that are both experienced in judging, and knowledgeable in the fainting goat breed. We thought long and hard about the best way to accomplish this. We felt that by utilizing a certified judge and then educating him/her on the fainting goat breed would be our best option. Having our own certified judges will help ensure that all of our champions meet and exceed our standards. We want only the best goats to represent the fainting goat breed. This means that we must have only the best qualified judges working with us!


First we needed a Director of Judges. We are proud to announce that we have found a highly experienced judge that will serve as our Director of Judges. He has also agreed to advise us on show related issues when needed.


All judges are given an application package. All the judges’ credentials will be considered and then this information will be reviewed by our decision committee with any questions or concerns being directed to our Director of Judges. Once the candidate is approved, AFGO will certify them as an official AFGO judge.


Once the candidate is approved as a certified AFGO judge, he or she will be required to be a member in good standing with AFGO.


Only AFGO certified judges will be utilized at AFGO shows.

We will continue to add certified judges to our list as we find the right qualified ones.

At all shows the judge’s decision will be FINAL.