Basic First Aid Kit


Raising goats can be expensive. If you can’t afford the basic care for your goats; than you should not purchase them. All owners MUST have a first aid kit. Below I have listed a few must haveitems. These items are for the most part are cheap to purchase and you may already have some of them on hand. Other items will have to be purchased. As time goes on you will want to add other things. This is just to get you started and cover the basis! There are many great items available and that will work better than those listed below, but this is the best kit to purchase on a shoe-string budget.Under $100.


Thermometer-$3-4 (find at Dollar Store)

Alcohol is a great way to clean scissors and other items. (Find at the Dollar Store) under $1

Baby Aspirin (Dollar Store) under $3

Scissors (find at Dollar Store) under $3

Bulb syringe to clean noses (Find at Dollar Store)$2-3

Baking Soda to help Ph (find at Grocery Store) under $1

Molasses/Karo syrup (Find at Grocery Store) to give energy and use when your goat is off their feed, or to stimulate their appetite. $2-3

Children’s Benadryl (find at Dollar Store) for cold symptoms. $3

Bleach (Find at Dollar Store) mixed with water for hoof root. Under $1

Milk of Magnesium “MOM” (find at the Dollar Store) for bloat. Under $5

Pepto-Bismol (Find at the Dollar Store) DO NOT USE OFF BRAND. WILL HARM GOATS. Under $5

Gatorade (find at Grocery Store)A bottle can be under $1

Hydrogen Peroxide (find at Dollar Store) great for cuts and wound care. Under $1

Probiotic Gel $9 (find at vets, feed stores, Tractor Supply ) A must have after receiving antibiotics or during stress.

An antibiotic needs to be included and you can find several different ones at your local feed stores, Tractor Supply or vet. (Don’t forget to get a few 3cc syringes and a few 18-20 gauge needles) Penicillin is one of the cheapest ones but LA 200 or Biomycin will work better and are not much more expensive.Should be able to get an antibiotic for $20-25.

A 30-60 cc syringe when you need to drench a goat. (Find at feed store or supply house) Under $1-2. Wash them out and they can be re-used. This is what I give my MOM with.

A wormer is a must to keep on hand. Ivermectin & Cydectin are the two most common. Ivermecitn has a cheap version called Noromectin that works well. About $25. Keep one on hand and later you can introduce another wormer to your kit. Some wormers are no longer effective in certain areas because of worm resistance. Talk to your fellow breeders to see what they are using.

The total bill for your first aid kit will be under $100. It will be the best investment that you can make. When your goat doesn’t feel well, sometimes you will not be able to purchase what you need because they always seem to get sick when the stores are closed or the vet is closed. Time is important and your goat is depending on your! Be a responsible goat owner and make sure you have the supplies that your need. If you are thinking about getting goats; I suggest that you buy the items in this kit BEFORE you buy your goat!! Go to the Fainting Goat Health Care website to find out more on dosages and when to use these products.