Joint or Navel Ill


Joint or navel Ill

Both the terms Joint and Navel ill are referring to the same disease. Joint ill is a very preventive disease. Shortly after birth their navel cord should be dipped in iodine to prevent infection. If the area is exposed to bacteria; the bacteria  can travel from the cord to the leg joints causing the kid to be lame. Remember that the newborns don’t have an immune system and they are very dependent upon the mom’s colostrum and the antibodies found in it. As breeders it is important that we ensure that all kids receive enough colostrum to help prevent any infections.

Joint ill can show up within a few days after birth or it may wait until a few months later. The kid will limp and the joints will swell. The kid may have some permanent damage if not treated. Arthritis may develop later in life. Antibiotics are required at this point.