by Debbie Cassidy

Anorexia simply means the lack of appetite. Anorexia may be one of the first signs that your goat is sick. There are many things that can cause your goat to become disinterested in their food.

Let’s look at just a few: Environmental/Weather changes, Stress such as weaning, or moving, A change in diet, side effects of a medication and illness. Before you can properly treat, you need to find out the cause.

There are some things you can to in the meantime. B12 and Molasses water are 2 of the best appetite stimulators that I have used. B12 can be given as an injection or as a paste. Most goat will love the Molasses water but if not give it to them with a syringe or drench gun. Offering free choice Baking Soda may be helpful too.

Sometimes if a goat will not eat grain they will continue to browse, eat hay, or leaves. Anything is better than nothing.

Remember that goats that are healthy are ALL ABOUT FOOD!