Calcium Phosphorus ratio should be 2:1 for optimum goat utilization, and

prevention of urinary calculi.

Trace minerals are very important, mineral products should have adequate trace minerals

added. In some areas there is not enough Selenium, this trace is added at a minimum to

mineral preparations, since Selenium can be toxic in excess. White muscle disease can be

prevented by adequate Selenium. Injectable sources: MuSe, and BoSe are the most

commonly used. Usually 1cc SQ or oral of MuSe, and 2cc SQ or oral of BoSe are an

adult dose. Frequency of dosing and dosing of newborns is dependent on the area, and

deficiency of that area. Ask your local vet for dose recommendations for your area.

Management of Goats 4

Selenium can be added to fertilizer of pastures at 4 grams per acre. It can be added to salt,

or mineral supplements.

To prevent white muscle disease goats can be given 5 mg orally, or parenterally

(injected) 4 weeks prior to kidding. White muscle disease in it’s severest form: kids so

weak they never nurse, or die in a few days after birth. Kid may be given .5mg orally or

parenterally within 2-4 weeks after birth, and then monthly if there is no other

supplement for their dams.