Broken Horn

Broken Horn
When a goat breaks a horn it is very painful for the goat. There is a nerve and a large blood vessel that runs thru the horn.
If the horn is only broken on the end with little or no bleeding, you can cut off the broken piece if it’s still attached, apply blood stop powder and wrap the end of the horn if needed.
If the horn has been broken lower and there is heavy bleeding, you will need to apply pressure to the horn stump until the bleeding stops. If you cant stop the bleeding by pressure to the stump, find the blood vessel below the inside corner of the goats eye (You may have to move your finger around a bit to feel for this blood vessel.) apply pressure for five minutes, then gently release the pressure and reapply pressure again if needed. Once the bleeding has stopped, apply blood stop powder to encourage better clotting and wrap.
Another way to deal with a broken horn is you can cauterize the broken end by using a disbudded or if camping, any metal item that can heated red hot and applied to the break in the horn.