How Can I Tell If My Goat Is Healthy?

Below are some things to help you determine if your goat is healthy


Healthy Goat                                                                                       Sick Goat

Expression/Attitude-Alert, eyes bright                                                 Dull, hangs head, tail down,not social

Appetie-good,chews cud                                                                           off feed

Nose-dry, cool                                                                                             runny,snotty

Coat-shiny, soft                                                                                           itching,bald spots,blisters,lumps, course

Weight-normal                                                                                            wasting, weight loss

Vocal-normal                                                                                               crying out

Urine-light yellow,no blood                                                                     stronge smell,blood,strains

Stool-pellets                                                                                                 clumped,diarrhea,tapeworm segments

Respiratory-unlabored,normal rate                                                        cough,labored,

*Other things to note would be a sweet smelling breath. Often a sign of ketosis.

*Grinding teeth is a sign of pain.


Vital signs of a normal goat:

Heart Rate: 70-80/min

Respiration’s: 10-30 (kids 20-40)/min

Temperature: 101.5-103.5

Rumen Movement: 1-1.5/min

Heat Cycles-every 20-23 days

Estrus (lentgh of Heat): 12-36 hrs

Goats reach full maturity about 3 Yrs old

Gestation is 145-155 days

Weaning is 8 weeks or later, depends on breeder.

Avg Life Span of a Buck is 8-12 Yrs.

Avg Life Spn of a Doe is 11-12 Yrs.