Grooming Your Goat

Bathing and Grooming

By Debbie Cassidy

Every goat needs to be groomed. Basic grooming tools include; brushing, bathing, and hoof trimming. Clipping your goat is done by many breeders that show their goats. The American Fainting Goat Organization doesn’t require the goats to be shaved. They show the goats in their natural goats.

Let’s look at what you need to brush your goat. First you will need a few different types of brushes. Most brushes can be found at your pet store or any feed store. A good choice is a dual sided brush that has pins on one side and bristles on the other. This is a must for any longer haired goats. For the longer haired goats you may also want a De-matting comb or rack to help with tangles. Remember that most goats love to be brushed and it will help remove dandruff, and dirt from the goat. Brushing will help your goat to shed their winter coat as well. Brushing is also a good way to closely inspect your goats for any bumps, lumps or other issues. Brushing will help you determine any skin problems and it is a good time to check your goats’ body condition score. Start at the neck of your goat and work your way to the rump. Don’t forget the legs! Start brushing them when they are young and get them use to it.

Bathing a goat is important to keep the smells down and will help remove any unwanted parasites like lice. You can use just about any shampoo you wish. Many breeders will use a horse shampoo and conditioner. Human products are okay too. If you have long haired goats you can use Downy conditioner or many breeders like the Cowboy Magic products.

Hoof trimming is a must. You will need a pair of nippers or cutters. You can find these on line at several different places or at your local feed store. You may also want a rasp or plane. Having a stand is also a big help. Stands make it easier on your back. Some stands are hydraulic and will rise up and down once the goat is on board. Goats must be taught to get on the stand and the best way to do this is to feed them on the stand.