Acidosis By MSUCARES

A drastic change in feed and possibly too much corn in the goat’s diet most commonly

causes acidosis. When goats eat high concentrate rations, not only do the starches

produce more acid, but the lack of roughage causes a decreased amount of saliva.

Symptoms of acidosis include: Bloat, rapid breathing and/or lethargic behavior (staring

out into “space”). If your goat is diagnosed with Acidosis, you should treat him or her

immediately. Acidosis is potentially fatal, and if it does not kill your goat, it can burn the

rumen and kill good bacteria leading to other diseases. Allow the animal to drink lots of

water, use antacid preparations like milk of magnesia, oral tetracycline to prevent

bacterial overgrowth, probiocin or rumen contents from a healthy ruminant and thiamine

or B-complex vitamins.