Measuring your goat

There is a proper way to measure your goat. The first picture is the perfect way to measure your goat and this method is approved by the American Fainting Goat Organiztion and the Minatures Goat Breeders Association. Let’s look at a few pictures to help us understand more clearly.

The first picture shows us the importance of the head position.There is about a 2 inch difference between the 3 measurements shown. This picture also shows us that the goat must stand squarely with the legs squared up. You should measure from the withers down the girth to the ground with the feet square and the goat on solid ground. Notice how the measurement goes just behind the front leg and NOT Beside it!  If you are measuring you goat this way than you are doing it correctly. A measurement is important for those with the miniature Fainting Goats.

measuring a goat 2

This picture we see the head is too low. Your measurement will also be too low. The front legs appear square.

measuring a goat 3

This picture we see the head is too high and you will have a high measurement. Also here the back legs are not square.

measuring a goat

Here is another picture showing you the correct way to measure your goat. They are using a level across the withers for an accurate measurement. The goat is fairly square and if you look close you will see the measuring stick is just behind the front leg and NOT beside it. Great job!

measuring your goat 3

Okay the next picture is not a goat. It is horse but you can still get the idea. The measuring stick would be in the wrong place for a goat. This measuring stick is next to the front leg instead of just behind it!

meausring a goat the wrong way

Okay here is another picture and again I think you can get the idea even if they are measuring a dog. The dogs front leg is not set under him squarely but if you squared him up the measuring stick or green line would be next to the front leg and NOT behind it, and that will not give you a true reading. If you followed the red line all the way down to the ground your measurement would be correct and the red line would be just behind the front leg.

meausring a goat 4

This is another good example of how to measure your goat. Here the goats legs are squarely placed under him. The head is the correct angle. Not too high or too low. The measuring stick has a level to get an accurate reading when placed on top of the withers. The measuring stick is placed just behind the front leg! Perfect.

measuring a goat 5

This is a picture of a miniature horse measuring stick. It is the best thing you can use to get an accurate measurement on your goat. It folds for easy storage and the black bar that goes across the withers also has a small level built in but it is hard to see it in this picture.

measurement stick