Costume Class of 2014


1. Send a picture of your goat dressed in a costume (can be store purchased or handmade). I need one small pictures so please resize them prior to sending them. 369X 275 is a good overall size. If you are unable to resize I will resize them for you but I can’t guarantee there will be no distortion. Send only 1 picture per email. Email pictures to I will not be checking the other mail boxes often enough to ensure that you goat is placed in the show. Please send entries by Oct 12th. Each entry will cost $1.00.

 2. The goat must be registered with AFGO. If you have just purchased the goat and have not had a chance to transfer the goat into your name we ask that you please do so and in the meantime we will go ahead and enter the goat. 

3. Please tell me the age and sex of your goat that you are entering. Please tell me the class number you are entering the goat into.  

4. We will still have our “I am not a goat” class too. This is where you can send a picture of your dog, pig, horse, or even a different breed of goat other than the Fainting goat, whatever animal you may wish to dress up!

5. Members will be the judges. You will send me you votes via email no later than Oct 19th. The winners will be announced. You may vote for your own goat.

6. You may not use pictures from a previous show. You can use a costume from a previous show on a different goat if you wish. All pictures must be recent within 6 months with the exception of the “I am not a goat” class.

7. Lets go have some FUN

Classes are as follows:

1. Jr. Does (under 1 year of age)

Playful Acres Sunrise AKA “Baby” as a pumpkin

virtual shows 1 111

Playful Acres Carmel Apple makes a cute Minnie Mouse

costume class 025

Playful Acres Cocoa as Calamity Jane

photo (19)

2. Sr. Does (over 1 year of age)

Playful Acres Phoebe is a good witch


Riesens Paisley makes a great giraffe


Playful Acres Cupcake is an Angel

fall pictures from iphone 644

Wells Dayna makes a cut bumble bee

photo (12)

Titan Farms Black Betty keeping the nursing tradition in the family!

costume class 042

Playful Acres Sabrina as Sabrina the Teenage Witch

costume class 047

Wells Mary Poppins knows Blondes just want to have fun!

photo 3 (3)

Wells Phantom is a Party Girl!

photo (15)

3. Wethers (of all ages)

Playful Acres Twister as Tom Cruise in Risky Business

twister as tom cruise in risky business

Playful Acres Sheldon… Beach beauty circa 1930’s


Playful Acres Littles has gone Fishing

littles gone fishing

7F Ranch Rio as a Fireman

costumes and virtual 001

Fridays Fainters King Arthur is doing prison time. Bad Goat

photo 1 (4)

Checkers is such a cute little Devil

photo (14)

Playful Acres Cappuccino as Wild Bill

photo (18)

4. Jr. Bucks (under 1 year of age) 

Friday’s Fainters Aladdin as a baby.

costumes and virtual 063

 Bar T Ranch showing his patriotic side

fall pictures from iphone 684

Texas Free Falling Farm Cheetos is ready to go snorkeling

fall pictures from iphone 649


5. Sr. Bucks (over 1 year of age)

WRR  YOYO just graduated

costumes and virtual 013

Bakken’s Farm Elmo is truly a Clown

photo 2 (4)

6. I am not a goat (all other entries)

Maui is all dressed up!


Abby is ready for the rainy winter

costumes and virtual 004

Sugar is a true Princess

costumes and virtual 039

Angel the Bat

costume class 055