animated-goat-image-0009Below are some educational and/or fun links and articles. These articles are from of your top breeders like: Scott Horner, Mary Humphrey, Maxine Kinne, Susan Schoenian, & Cheryl K. Smith. Also articles by top veterinarians, and many different universities. We have even included some how to videos. Videos just for fun are at the bottom of this page! Click on the link under each picture.

5 Check Points A Slide Show By Susan Schoenian (learn to evaluate your goat)

100 Years of Breed Improvement (don’t let this happen to the Fainting Goats)

goat teeth

Aging A Goat Great Video

lots of kids


ad photo

Agility Goats By Working Goats

Agility Goats By Best Friends Animal Society

A Goat Bedtime Story a story about friendship


Anemia in  Goats: Causes, symptoms, and treatments By Eden Hill


Anesthesia For Goats By Sharon Kaiser-Klingler, RVT VTS (Anesthesia & EVN)

Anesthesia For Goats By: Dzikiti, T.B., 2013, ‘Intravenous anaesthesia in goats: A review’, Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 84(1), Art. #499, 8 pages. http://dx.doi. org/10.4102/jsava.v84i1.499

Anamated Images of Goats Several of them have been used on the AFGO Website


Anatomy (interactive) Learn the Bones and the external parts of the goat. It’s FUN!

Anatomy-Test your knowledge By Goats & More Goats 4-H


Apple Cidar Vinegar helps Bottle Jaw By Barry Simpson (a natural cure?)
Assessing and preforming a Physical Exam on Your Goat By Penn Veterinary Clinic (interactive)

Assessing Your Goats Rumen Sounds By Cheryl K. Smith


BABY GOAT listen to link below (nothing sounds as sweet as a baby, only this one is LOUD)


Bacteria, Virus, Fungus & Protozoa By Carol Raczykowski


Banding Bucks

Banding Bucks Video


Banding Horns By EHow

Barbervax: A new approach to Barber Pole Worms

Basic First Aid Kit By Debbie Cassidy


Basic Sheep and Goat Husbandry (Slide Show) By Maryland Extension

Be A Considerate Exhibitor By Maxine Kinne

Bedding By Ohio State University

Bedding By UMassAmherst

Bedding Deep For The Laminitic Goat
goat soap

Benifits of Goat Soap

Benifits of Goat Cheese By Redwood Hill Farm and Creamery


Bio-Security by Lincoln University

Bio-Security By Livestock Conservancy

body condition


Body Condition Scoring (ADGA) Great Video for all types of goats!

Body Condition Scoring By Extension

Body Condition Scoring By PennState

Body Condition; The Ends & Outs By Maxine Kinne

BOSS-The breakdown of nutrients


Bottle Jaw By Kathy Daves


Bracken Fern Poisoning By Merck Manual


Bred & Pregnant & Bred Again By Maxine Kinne  (Yes a doe can come into heat once bred)


Breeders Behavior By Jack Mauldin.


Breed Character By Debbie Cassidy


Brushing and Grooming Your Goat By Debbie Cassidy

Bucks-Decreasing the smell

Buying Used Microscopes


Calcium Gluconate May Help With Cervix Dilation

Calculating Goat Body Weights By Infovet

Caprine Supply

Carcass Disposal By Maxine Kinne



Cold Climate Goat Birthing By Mary Humphrey

Colostrum: Liquid Gold By Susan Schoenian

Colostrum By Extension

Coccidiostats And Coccidiosis (this is an article on cows but the same thing applies to goats)


Collar Safey By Hoggers Goat Supply

musical notes

Collection ofGoat Sounds Notice that each breed is very different. Also note that the Lamb (ewe) is nothing like a goat



Color by KW Farms This for Nigerian goats but Fainting Goats have many of the same colors and patterns.

Color Chart A good view of the different colors and patterns that the breed comes in.

Composting farm manure and mortality By George Lager; Professor Emeritus of Geosciences, University of Louisville, Kentucky. 

Coping With High Feed Cost By Susan Schoenian

critical thinking

Critial Thinking In Amimal Science (Slide Show) By Susan Schoenian and Maryland Research Center

Conformation by Scott Horner PV A&M International Goat Research Center

Dairy Goat Bowl Questions (great for all breeds)

Dairy Goat Bowl Questions (part 2 )

Dairy Goat Judging Tools by Scott Horner of Prairie View A&M University


Deer Worms By GIL MYERS, PhD

goat stomach

Digestive System By Dr. tatiana Stanton

Digestion (interactive & animated)Explains the anatomy of the digestive system and the role of the rumen microbes in the process of digestion. By Goat Biology


Disaster Preparation By Jackie Nix

Disaster Preparation (saving the entire family)By AVMA


disbudding iron

Disbudding A Goat Video

Disbudding A Goat By Cornell University






blood tubes

Drawing Blood video

Drawing Blood #2 video

Click to view
Emergency Procedures By Cornell University

Emergency Care For Goats By Mary C. Smith D.V.M.

Emergency First Aid By M. Nanette Chastine D.V.M. (slide show)



Euthanizing a Pet: How do you know when it’s the time

goat eye


Eye Color genetics by KW Farms (nigerian colors but are the same we find in the Fainting Goats)

Eye Color Chart

Eye Color Chart

EZid AVID Microchips and Readers

EZID For all your microchip needs


Fainting Goat Facts is a great place for more information about the Fainting goat breed!


FAINTING GOAT HEALTH CARE. DESINGED FOR FAINTING GOATS. COMMON PROBLEMS AND TREATMENTS AND THE CORRECT DOSAGES FOR THE FAINTING GOAT BREED. There are many sites with good information but there are some that give the wrong dosages for the Fainting goats since they are not a large breed. Know what’s the best for your goats!


Past, Present, and Future of the Fainting Goat can be found at

ppf fainting goat breed

history of the fg book

Fainting Goat History. Learn where the breed came from. Find at

Product Details

Goat Medicine second edition By Mary Smith and David Sherman

kids at play

Fainting Goats-Kids At Play is a book written for younger kids that contains many pictures and is found at


Merck Manuals

Energetic Goat By Carrie Eastman



A children’s book about Halloween plus a lesson on “things are not always as they appear”


False Pregnancy By Carol Raczykowski

Fanny the Fainting Goat A great learning lesson for kids to help them with math and teach them to read a clock. By the Oklahoma 4-Hand & Oklahoma State University.


FAMACHA TESTING (video) By Purdue

FAMACHA CHART Learn to look at the eyes before worming.


Fecal Slides By Goat Talk

Fecal Testing How to do your own fecal testing. Great pictures and step by step instructions By Goat Biology

Fecal Testing By shows step by step the process of doing fecals.


(Picture from North Georgia Fence Company)

Fencing by University of Illinios- A great place to learn about different fencing types. Fencing keeps your goats SAFE.

ok state

Fencing by Oklahoma State




Kidding Complications By Debbie Cassidy

Kidding And More Learn what the pooch test is (includes pictures), signs of impending labor, the different stages of labor with pictures, and includes problems that may arise.

Kidding: Ready, Set, GoBy Susan Schoenian

Kid Care (Part 1) By Debbie Cassidy; includes what normal baby poop looks like, tying off the navel cord, making sure the teat is unplugged and much more.

Kid Care (Part 2) By Debbie Cassidy; includes bottle feeding, reviving a cold baby, floppy kid syndrome, and disbudding a kid.

Kidding presentations Awesome drawings By Gryphon Tor

Kidding (Solving the Mysteries of Obstetrics, Part 1) By Maxine Kinne

Kidding (Solving the Mysteries of Obstetrics, Part 2) By Maxine Kinne

Kidding (Solving the Mysteries of Obstetrics, Part 3) By Maxine Kinne

Kidding (Solving the Mysteries of Obstetrics, Part 4) By Maxine Kinne

Kidding (Solving the Mysteries of Obstetrics, Part 5 ) By Maxine Kinne


Find Your Goat Personality Quiz for fun (just for fun!)


Flushing By Extension

Flushing By Tatiana Stanton, Nancy & Samuel Weber. A good article on preparing the doe to be bred.

Fly Control By Maxine Kinne

frosty the goat

Frosty the Goat (A great story but a sad ending)


Gempler’s Farm Supplies

clipart 3

Genetics By Susan Schoenian and Maryland Research Center

Genetic Defects in a chart by Maxine Kinne


Gestation Calculator (An animated chart that is easy to use)! By Goat Biology

Gestation Chart By Maxine Kinne


Getting Ready for Kids Slide Show by Prudue
Ginger the Goat

Ginger the Goat has Listeriosis and is treated by Dr. Pol Video

Giving Injections video


Glossary of Goat Terms Know what people are talking about when they use certain terms.

grazing goat

Grazing Goats Slide Show

Goat Care and Behavior Audio

Goat Behavior By Cheryl K. Smith

arts crafts

Goat Crafts for Kids (just for fun!)


Goat Coloring Book for Kids (free pictures to print and color)


Goat Dentition By Extension

Goat Genetics 101 By Susan Schoenian (slide show)

Goat Gram– Send a free Goat gram. Design your own and have fun

Goat Housing by Penn State

1st place

Goat Judging Quiz for Beginners interactive

Goat Judging Quiz for itermediates interactive

Goat Judging Quiz for advanced interactive

Goat Judging Practice on 3 goats

cow vs goat

Goat Milk VS. Cow Milk

Goat Milk VS. Cow Milk: Which is healthier


Goat Nutrition (interactive) By Langston University. Are you feeding correctly?

Goat Nutrition A Video

Goat Nutrition By Langston University

Goat Pasture grazing with Sericea Lespedeza

Integrated Parasite Management By Susan Schoenian (slide show)

Parasite Chart

Parasites-(External) Video

Goat Parasite Control (48 min) Great video

Internal Parasites Video

Parasite Control For Tape Worms By American Consortium For Small Ruminants

External Parasites Video

Using Anthelmintics Effectively By Maryland University


Goat Poop; What the different colors mean By Debbie Cassidy

Goat Poop; The Straight Talk About Goat Poop. An Excerpt from Goat Health Care

goat wagon

Goat Manure and their uses

Goat Transportation 101 Several options for transporting your goats. Or like the picture shows they can transport you!Ha

goatPhoto By Ruth O’Leary
Goat wearing a Hawaiian Shirt (slide show)


Gross Anatomy great pictures with labels. Learn about your goat!
Guard Animals They are not always LGD”S


Hay Feeder from a plastic Barrel Video

harness goats

Harness Goats By Working Goats

hay bales
Annual Hay Supply and Storage By Maxine Kinne


Healthy Goats, How Can I Tell? By Debbie Cassidy. Learn the normal temperature, respiratory rate, and rumen movement plus much more.

Health Inspection for goats By Maxine Kinne

Health Record Template By Maxine Kinne

Heat Detection By Maxine Kinne


HEAVEN SENT Heaven Sent is a part of the Fainting Goat News. Christian jokes can be found here along with church signs and much more!

playful acres

Heritage Breeds By Tam Codingley See why the heritage breeds are fading

HFAC (aminal Care Standards)
Historical Articles About the Fainting Goats dating back to early 1900’s. Learn what is happening to the breed today.

Hoegger Goat Supply

Homemade Colostrum Recipe

Easy-Up® Safety First Hay Rack

Homemade Hay Feeder with no waste video

Horntastropy By Eden Hills

How good is he? (your buck) By Maxine Kinne

How to build a Disbudding Box

How to build a hand held milking machine (anyone can do it)

How to build a head sanction that requires no stand
milk stand

How to build a milk stand By Fias Farms
How to keep your goats healthy this winter

How to make goat soap and lotion video


How to teach your goat to lead


How to take your goats temperature

polled goat example

How to tell if a kid is polled at a young age by Bill Burghart

birthday cake

How old is my goat?

How To Draw A Goat
measurement stick

How to Measure your Goats Height Correctly several pictures help explain this important task.

goat milk

How to Pasteurize Goats Milk Video

How to Save Colostrum

Individual State Identification Requirements: What Sheep and Goats Need Offical USDA-Approved Ear Tags

Inducing Kidding in Goats By William Braun,Jr,DVM

Introducing a livestock guardian to your herd Video

clip art goat gray goat

Introducing a new goat to your herd

Introducing a goat to your herd and keeping it disease free




Jelly Bean Scripture Each color Jelly Bean represents something. Find out what!


Just A Goat If you love your goats you will love this!

keyhole feeder

Key Hole Hay Feeder That You Can Make! video


Kidding-A Great article with lots of pictures.

Kidding video

Kidding Video #2

Kidding By Extension







Great Pyrenees Dogs


LGD’S & Storms

LGD”S Training


Lung Sounds By Candian Veterinary Journal

Lung Sounds you can listen to By Colorado University

Minerals By Cornell University

Examples of mineral feeders

Homemade Mineral Feeders By Swamp Acres

Loose Minerals By Snowy Pines Ridge


Lost Teeth By Maxine Kinne
Looking for Mr. Right by Maxine Kinne (the right sire)

Making a Goat Coat with NO Sewing

Making A Goat Coat by Maxine Kinne
liquid soap

Making Liquid Goat Soap


Medications commonly used,Dosages,How to give

Discusses the most commonly used medications. The dosage that is given. It includes pictures of how to give injections and draw blood.



Measurement And Growth Chart By Maxine Kinne

Micro chipping a Goat Great How To Video
milking gigi

Milking a Goat by hand (video)

Milking with the Henry Milker

Milking Once A Day

Molasses Usage For Livestock By PVAMU

Name the Goat Parts (interactive game)


Navel Ill By Vetnext

Navel Ill By Mereck Manuals

Neonatal Hypothermia By Maxine Kline

Normal Vital Signs By Maxine Kinne

Nutritional Impacts on Reproductivity

Old Verus New in the Pygmy goats By Maxine Kinne (Why do breeders what to change everything? They are harming not helping)

Painting Goats (slide show)




Pelvic Structure by Maxine Kinne


Pet Photography Tips

Physical Therapy For Goats By Eden Hills

Physical Therapy on Patrick and Delilah

polled goat example

Polled VS Horned genetics by AGS

Polled & Horned genetics by KW Farms

Predator Control Great Video

Predator Control for Coyotes By Kentucky Extension


Premier Goat Supply Equipment and supplies

Preparing For An Emergency Audio-click link below

Quiz on domestic goats (interactive)

Recipes to use with sick goats By Illiosis Meat Goat

Recipe for making your own fecal soulution By Goat Biology

Rejection by Mom By Mazine Kinne


Rent A Ruminant

Reproduction (interactive) By Goat Biology. It describes the reproductive anatomy of the buck and doe, the process of meiosis producing the egg and sperm, estrus cycle, fertilization, hormonal interactions and development of the fetus.

Reproductive problems By Infovets includes ovarian cysts, ring womb, infections, infections, and retained placenta

Reproductive Basics By Beth Pelletier DMV

Reproductive Basics Part 2 By Beth Pelletier DMV

Reproductive Management of Sheep and Goats By ACES Extension (includes a 148 day gestation chart)

dollar sign

Responsibility when buying/selling goats By Mazine Kinne

retrain a goat

Restraining a goat

Reviving a Chilled Newborn Goat By Mary Humphrey


Roughage & Grains

Rumen Motility By Maxine Kinne

Rural Ads– A Great place to advertise your goats for sale.

Saving Premature Kids By Dr. Steven M. Parish

Selective Breeding By Maxine Kinne (learn about outcrossing,linebreeding & inbreeding)

Selective Breeding: The Way I see it By Temple Grandin of Colorado State University
Selenium Chart

Sells Agreement

Service Goat Saves Women


Shelters Several different good examples of shelters

Shelters Video

Shelters By ACES.EDU




diva show

Showing Your Goat Basic information about showing

Signs of Labor (tail ligaments) Video


Goat Skull (interactive & informative)


Slings and bandaging By DAVID M. NUNAMAKER


Small Animal orthopedics (links to the entire book)

Small Ruminant Clinical Diagnosis and Therapy

Small Ruminant Health By Susan Schoenian

Stages of Goat Pregnancy By Eden Hills

Sustainable Production Overview (Slide Show)

Sustainable Production in Dairy Goats (Slide Show)

Sustainable Production in meat Goats (Slide Show)

Sydell, Inc.

Sydell Goat and sheep products

Taking your Goat’s Temperature video

Taking the Vital Signs of your goat By Cornell

ear tag

Tagging A Goat Video
Tetanus; A survial story By The Dairy Goat Journal


The Difference Between A Fainting Goat and A Myotonic Goat (article)

The Difference Between A Faining Hippie Goat and a Silky Goat (article)

The Difference Between A Premie & a Runt By Maxine Kline

The Difference Between A Sheep and A Goat By Sheep 101 (article)

The Does Code of Honor This is so true!

old goat pic

The Gift of the Old One Again if you love goats you will love this story

goat lady

The Goat Lady Find her book at


The Goat Man Find his book at
The Process of Kidding By PenState


THE RAINBOW BRIDGE Where you will see you loved pets again


The Soul Of A Horse-By Natalija Aleksandrova reveals why Blanketing your horse or even your goat may not be a good thing!

Thiamine prevention by Annie

Tractor Supply


Training Your Goat to Lead

magic hat

Trick Training

Trick Training #1 Video

Trick Training Video

A prospective from an 8 year old. Can be found at Amazon

Think Like A Goat By Whittington Veterinary Clinic

Trimming a Goat Scur with pictures


Hoof Trimming By Infovet has pictures and videos can be found at the bottom of their page!

Trimming Hooves By For Dummies (good pictures)

Hoof Trimming Video

Trouble shooting your Goat by Melody DeLury


Tubing A Goat Video

Tube Feeding a Weak Kid By The Dairy Goat Journal

Uterine Problems By Mary Humphrey @ Eden Hills

Valley Vet Supply

Valley Vet


Wattle genetics by KW Farms


Weaning Your Goat

Weaning Your Goat Video

What to do with all that milk (video)


Wind Breaks By Langston University

Wind Chill Chart A good way to know just how cold it will be!


Natural DeWormers (it is written for horses but if you substitute the word goat for the word horse: it is correct)

Wormer Chart (revised 2014)

Wormers (there are many different types) By Debbie Cassidy

Wormers ByUniversity of Maryland

Wormers By Extension

WormersAdaptation a critical problem By JAVMA

Wormers and Antiparasite Resistance By the FDA

Controlling Goat Parasites By Anne Zajac, DVM, PhD

You have got to be kidding me ( an interactive quiz)


5 star notebook commercial

Aflac Commercial

Arby’s Commercial

AT&T’s Commercial

Baby Geep (cute story and video)

Baby Goat Butts Mirror (very funny)

Beekman’s Holiday Video

Carol Of The Goat Bells Goats singing Christmas carols

Discover Card Commercial (Super Bowl)

Doritos Commerial (Super Bowl)

Doritos & Fainting Goats

Fainting Goats From 1991 Video

Gieco Commerical

Goats Christmas

Goats and Does (funny vets sing and work)

Goat and Donkey reunite

Goat eatting dinner with a twist

Goat Fun Listen to them say MAAA

Goats in Low Places

Goats Just Having Fun

Goat Man Documentry

Goat Man Charles “Chess” McCartney

Goat Play Staring Buttermilk

Goats Play with Yoga Ball

Goats & Slides

Goat Stampede Goats running in a stampede

Goat Videos from the maker of giggle with the goats (includes 7 different videos with goats jumping to music)

Goat in Wheel barrel Goats playing in a wheel barrel.

Goats Birthday Party

Goats Love Peanut Butter

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves (Music by Cher)

Holdmans Christmas Videos ( wow at the lights) Not goats but still AWESOME

Horse babysits young goats Goats jumping on horse

Just a Goat riding a guy riding a motorcycle

Jingle Bells with the Goats Goats jumping to holiday music

Jingle Bells with the baby lambs

Lenovo Tablet Commerical

McDonald’s Goat Commerical

Nothing For Christmas

Pack Training Part 1

Pack Training Part 2

Skateboarding Goat (two different videos)

Soccer Playing Goat

Surfing Goats

Tree Climbing Goat

What What (short but cute)

Whimpy Goat Goat Screams

2 Timothy 1:7

7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.