It will soon be time to think about the 2016 festival! It is a fun event. Entry fees are $3 per picture. We will have the following classes : Does of all ages, Bucks of all ages, Wethers of all ages, Goats that are not the Fainting Goat Breed, and All Other Animals. Depending on the amount of entries; we may split some of the classes into smaller ones.

Enjoy the pictures from 2015 until we start adding our new 2016 pictures in October!


1. Does of all ages

The Devil


Mable as Puff The Magic Dragon

magic dragon

Wells Tika is a big Houston Astros Fan

tika in cap



Brassring Satin as a pumpkin

satin in costume

Oreo The Bumble Bee

bumble bee 2

Jasmine is a princess

Titan Farms Black Betty is a cute bunny

betty the bunny

Texas Free Falling Farms Disney as a butterfly

disney 2

the witch

Eilieen the Bumble Bee


Texas Free Falling Farm Betsy shown as Minnie Mouse!


The princess

Camra 190 resized

Texas Free Falling Farms Pepsi as a Bumble Bee


Cute witch

Playful Acres Celebrate as a ballerina


Bar T Ranch Sweetie in her tutu

I don’t think she likes this costume!

sweetie in tutu 2

2. Bucks of all ages

None entered . Yes at this time of the year they really do stink!


3. Wethers of all ages

7F Ranch Rio Is an Astros Boy

rio in cap

Fridays Fainters King Arthur as a King of course!


4. Goats that are not the Fainting Goat Breed

High Hill Farm Sandstorm AKA Sandy the bull. Sandy is a Nigerian Goat.

Sandy in horns



Pipers Sacred Samson wearing his tux. Samson is a Nigerian Goat

He is with Pat

 Samson in tux

Sandy with Lisa the matador and Bull and

Sampson in his Tux with Pat out on the town!


Samson Sandy Lisa Pat

Playful Acres June is ready for Christmas!

june in costume

Playful Acres Patches as a clown


Pine Shadows Macy as a witch

macy 2

Sampson dressed in his Tux


Another picture of Sampson and his Tux

closeup samson in tux 2

5. All other animals

King the bunny has decided he wants to be a sailor

king the sailor

Hunter is a Ball Player

ready to play ball

Sugar is ready for winter.

sugar for costume class

Buckey the miniature horse (3o” tall) makes a fine pirate.


Lucky the cowboy chicken!

lucky the rooster

Meet the birthday boys! Whisker on left left and Binx on the right!

whiskers binx

Bear the LGD plays a Pirate when he isn’t on duty!

bear the pirate

Oreo thinks she is a Butterfly.

oreo as a butterffly.jpg 2

Lacy wants to be a bunny