American Fainting Goat Organization



We are a family owned and operated registry. We have raised goats for many years. We raise the Fainting goats and a few Nigerian Dwarf goats for milking. We pride ourselves on the extensive research we have done on the fainting goats, as well as, several other breeds.

We live on a small farm in East Texas. We also have horses, dogs, and chickens. We are a Christian family of 3.

My husband and I have been in and around the show ring for many years. We have shown both AKC dogs and registered quarter horses. We know the joy of winning and the agony of defeat. We have seen things that work great and also those things that don’t.

I am a full time registered nurse. I am the author of  several books. The titles include: Past,Present and Future of the Fainting Goat, The History of the Fainting Goat, and Kids at Play.  I am also the editor of on on-line magaizine called “Fainting Goat News”, and I do some free lance writting about goats in general. My husband is the maintenance director of a local hospital. Our daughter loves the goats as much as we do. Our purpose for opening this registry is to help ensure that the breed remains HISTORICALLY CORRECT  and to encourage breeders to have fun while doing it!! The registry is a way to help breeders and owners enjoy the breed.

My husband and I are both certified in FAMACHA and help share this knowledge with our members.

We are dedicated to keeping your records, while maintaining a current herd book for the future generations! We have a fantasic pedigree search that will allow you to find a goat’s pedigree, do a reverse search and much more.