Our Logo

We chose to use the name American Fainting Goat Organization for several reasons. We are proud to be Americans. America is a country in which many have fought and died to defend. That’s why we offer a verterans discount. To honor those that have defended us. America is considered the home of the free, and as such, we have the option to make choices. We chose the name Fainting Goat because it is one of the historically correct names.

The colors red, white, and blue will proudly be the colors that AFGO uses.

Our Logo stands for so many things. First the colors again are red, white, and blue. Next our motto “A World of Fun” is what we are striving for. We wanted a registry that will be fun! We also use the world map as the background in our logo. We then decided to include 2 goats in the logo. One if you look closely is in the downed position about where Tenneessee would be located on the map. This is because the breed was first discovered in Tenneessee. The other goat is found on the map about where the state of Texas is because that is the state that AFGO resides in. Also since we (owners) are a Christian family of three, we decided to make the 3 T’s into crosses to represent the 3 of us.

We chose to register ONLY PUREBRED animals since that is what we are trying to preserve!

AFGO realized from the begginning that children are our future. There will be a big focus on our youth.

We decided to offer seniors a discount because they have worked hard to make many of our American traditions. They have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the country and we fell like that is important. The seniors helped etashilsh many traditions and we want to keep tradition alive.

Our Logo was created by Kevin Wallace. Thank God for the talent he gave you. Use it and enjoy it! You’re awesome.