AFGO Club Affiliation

Become an AFGO affiliate.


American Fainting Goat Organization believes that a local goat club can offer a great opportunity to promote the fainting goat breed in your local area. We offer fainting goat clubs the opportunity to become an affiliated club member of AFGO. We can even help you get started.

  1. First you need a few people in your area that are interested in starting a club.
  2. Once you decide that you would like to become an affiliated club with AFGO, you will need to fill out the application form.
  3. Once approved by AFGO, your next step is to elect your officers.
  4. Establish what your membership dues will be.
  5. Decide where and when you will have your meetings.
  6. Let your local schools know about your new club and its activities.
  7. Contact your local extension office to let them know you have established a fainting goat club.
  8. Advertise your club. There are ways to do this without spending a lot of money.


AFGO can help you organize your meetings and Agendas and create your By


Different clubs will have different goals. Promoting the Fainting Goat Breed should always be one of your goals.

You can decide if you wish to put out a newsletter and how often.


Why would you want to have an AFGO club? That’s easy! There are a lot of benefits for having clubs. A club will help promote the breed. A club will be able to host AFGO shows without a sanction fee. An affiliated club member will receive a discount on the yearly membership fees and registrations.  A club member will also receive a discount on entry fees to any AFGO sanctioned show. All affiliated clubs will be listed on the website. It’s also a great way to meet and share your interest for the breed with others. Clubs can be lots of fun too!

Do I have to belong to AFGO to join a club? No. It is open to everyone.

Do I have to own fainting goats? No but, we think you will want to after you are around the breed!!!


What does it cost to start an affiliated club? There is annual fee,however for the first year, fees for the club will be waived. After the first year the annual fees for the club will be $25.00 per year. Annual fees are due every July.


If you have questions please email us at


1. Pineywoods Goat Club