The membership fees can be for an individual, or you may also choose to purchase a family membership. This would include all family members and allow each of them to each place goats into their own names under the one herd name. We also offer a senior, veterans, and youth membership.Annual fees run from January-January each year. Must be paid no later than Feb. 15th. to maintain herd name. Individual membership fee @25.00

Youth membership fee               $15.00

Family membership                               $40.00

Senior membership fee                               $15.00 (For Family)(must be 60 or older)

Veterans membership fee                           $15.00 (For Family)

Affiliated club fees(These are        $25.00(waived the first year)

Affilliated club members  receive                            $5.00 off annual membership fees



Register an animal(buck, doe or wether) $8.00($7.50 for seniors,club members, and veterans.Transfer an animal(buck,doe or wether)  $5.00($4.50 for seniors,club members and veterans)Correction fee if it is not our error.          $5.00

Minitature certificate                                    $3.00

(re-issued to TM once they are 3 years old )

Hippie certificate                                         $3.00


Herd registration (a 1 time fee)                $10.00

Herd names are only maintained through current payment of annual fees. Same with suffix! Once a member leaves AFGO the herd name and suffix will no longer be reserved for them.

*** If you register more than 10 goats at any one time you will get 1 for free!!!


11 goats will get you 1 free.

DISCOUNTS will be given to all AFGO members from “Just In Time” pet shippers

DISCOUNTS will be given to all AFGO members from Playful Acres Web designs.