AFGO Showmanship

No Bucks may be used for the showmanship classes.

While showing your animal in a showmanship class you will be judged on the following:

The first 50 Points will be awarded for the exhibitor’s skill in handling and showing the animal.

Let’s breakdown how the 50 points are earned:

30 Points will be awarded for set-up and showing. The exhibitor will always keep a clear view of their animal for the judge to see. Never block the view. The exhibitor should always have good control over their animal. The exhibitor should never rest one knee on the ground while the animal is set up. Always set up your animal in the most advantageous manner whenever you are stopped.

10 points will be awarded for Leading. The exhibitor should enter the ring and follow the direction of the judge or ring steward. Lead the animal in a clockwise direction unless told otherwise. Both the exhibitor and the animal should walk at a normal pace. Hold the in such a way that there is no extra material hanging down. The exhibitor should always keep the goat between his or herself and the judge. Always step in front of, and not behind the animal. Always watch the judge for instruction on leading & positioning the animal.

10 points will be awarded for exhibitor behavior. The exhibitor should always be courteous and alert. Have a pleasant demeanor and a smile. Be responsive.




The next 40 points will be awarded for the appearance of the animal.

20 points will be awarded for cleanliness. There should not be any visible dirt on the animal. The face should be cleaned with special attention given to the eyes & nose. The ears should be clean. The tail should be free of any fecal matter. Hooves should be clean and well-trimmed. Hoof polish may be used.

10 points will be awarded for grooming. The animal be shown clipped or in their natural coat. Coat must be clean. The hair in the ears may be clipped if the exhibitor chooses.

10 points will be awarded for the animal’s general condition. The animal should be showing normal growth and development. Not over conditioned. Not under conditioned. The animal should be free from any signs of illness.




The last 10 points will be awarded for the appearance of the exhibitor.

Your attire & personal hygiene are important. The exhibitor should be neatly dressed, clean, with no holes in their attire. The exhibitor should show pride in his or herself. Hair should be clean and neatly worn. The exhibitor should be dressed in clothing that will not distract from the animal being shown.