Different color of Poop and What they mean

Did you know that different color of goat poop can mean different things. The different colors can help you determine the illness.

First let’s start with the normal poop. Goats normally makes brown berries.

Green berries usually mean that they are on lots of grass and/or forage.

Anything other than good formed berries indicates diarrhea.

If you notice what looks like dog poop; consider that diarrhea. Try to find the cause and treat accordingly.

If the diarrhea/scours are black, blackish gray or dark brown you could possibly be dealing with coccidiosis.

If the diarrhea if brown it may be due to a change of diet cause the digestive system to be upset.

Yellow and white usually represent E Coli. There is usually an odor.

Green slimy diarrhea could be from enterotoxemia.

A dark, running or smelly diarrhea may indicate salmonella.

It is always important to pay attention to the goat poop!